Current Status and Literary Ideas

So I am now approaching 3rd month at NetSpend as a front-end web developer and I’m amazed at how far I’ve come.

Looking back at the dusted footprints I’ve imprinted, I remember the mistakes I’ve made, exactly procrastination of desires, and realize that it had to happen and none other. I’ve learned a lot and its hard to summarize it all, which I preferred in showing off my own application, but alas, here are some of my top things I’ve learned

* workflow with git – so critical is working well with others as it is with technical ability, its only so often that making someone mad can damage your reputation with others

* file structure of the codebase – this is half the battle to understanding the codebase, if you understand the layout of the house, you can hypothesize the location of the bathroom, bedroom, closets, etc.

* backend interaction – being front-end is all well and good but one must understand the context of his actions and those around him, understanding how data is passed and traded to server-side is just as important when it comes to trouble-shooting bugs and issues

In separate interests, I’ve discovered the Evernote Scannable app that uses your camera to auto-format and collect all sorts of textual papers and shapes (useful for small scraps of notes that I write on a lot). In reading about Brin and Amanda Rosenberg’s public affair, I found the word “panopticon” in the valley wag article ( Suddenly, I see facebook gawking at the world around them:

I am suddenly envisioning a New World version of Plato’s allegory, which I must write one day.

Ok back to the prelaunch campaign for HC! Rails app freelance work!


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