Prelude to the Ending of MakerSquare

Approximately ~15hrs from now, the presentations and culmination of my MakerSquare experience is shown in my Erato app, a basic sound/image mixer and visualizer. Although not fully complete as I’d liked, I’ve learned a lot. With several of these topics leading me to fruitless points for my app, it has allowed me to dabble in new topics and ideas that I would otherwise never have encountered if it weren’t for the time MakerSquare has allowed.

As a sampling, here’s what I’ve learned and relearned:

  • domain-specific language
  • binary data (reading/writing)
  • WAV vs. MIDI file formatting
  • SVG vs. PNG vs. GIF (its “JIF” to me!) vs. JPEG
  • Waveforms
  • Synthesizer terms: ADSR (Attack-Decay-Sustain-Release), envelopes, harmonics
  • Editing of an existing GEM for my own project
  • Self-managed Kanban board using
  • CRUD actions of several controllers
  • Mixing of various param hashes from different sources
  • Bootstrap (oy vez!)

I only wish I had more time to fall into this rabbit hole of knowledge.


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