Profuse, overflowing, abundant, bountiful, ample… all the same words to me, all describing the incredible (truly unbelievable) the amount of information I’ve learned in the last few weeks.

Unfortunately, I have not done my best to explain how much I’ve learned. It’s hard to present what you learned, apply it, retain it, and ensure that each morsel and each tidbit of tips, hacks, and tutorials made it across the the marathon of a mountain climb in one piece… and know that I’m only at the beginning.

I feel this necessity to hypnotize and force my eyes to vibrate into a state of trance and slowly fall into the arms of a flow state, without waking in a cold sweat and realize that all this is real! I’m staring at ~50 Chrome browser tabs, each linked to one another in a haphazard trail up a mountain to become the best I can be as a web developer and hopefully a true software engineer. It’s insane how much information there is and how difficult I’ve climbed this mountain but the beautiful feeling of climbing and turning a glance over the shoulder for a brief moment is indescribable. Only those that have climbed before me and left a scent for me to follow can even begin to comprehend the beauty of the climb. It is this that I seek: a state of exhaustion with no physical ability to move but only the mental power to imagine the next frame of my future.

Hah, stack overflow?


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